Sunday, 28 December 2008

going on 29 th dec

having been doing Christmas ,has meant I have not been painting till now ,although I have frequently popped into my studio to take a fresh look and the painting .i ve now worked on it again for a few hours and feel it s in that fluid place that they all seem to go through ,you feel like it s too tight too flat too sameish ,but you know from experience that if you just hang in there with it eventually it might be OK.


cmharvey said...

loved you site with it`s beautiful colours and music....
hope we can catch up in the new year.
with love
ps it was my first christmas withput the was strange but ok..i was well looked after

billie said...

hey caroline hownice to have a comment from you who told you about it ...happy new year to you too and lots of love bx

cmharvey said...

hi billie, have been listening to some ruth fazal music it seems to have the colour of your painting.
just going on night duty.....sleep well you.
love C x