Friday, 27 November 2009

From the heart ,still working

I know it s been an age since I put up anything .It s not that I have nt been working ,just been a bit busy with selling my house and finding another ,and also felt rather low ,when I feel low I get inertia so all goes quiet .Anyway here is some of the stuff l ve been trying to finish and two portraits ,one a commission and the other a painting of Max ,my brother in law who died on tues night ,he was a good man .The three paintings were a commision from a friend to paint her husband for his 65 th birthday ,l felt the one was not enough to capture him so did three for the price of one instead


Homemakers Tales said...

I adore these paintings oh to have a print or photo !!
I am soooo sad about Max i remember him well a good man Yes Billie its that time of the year for us but better is around the corner Lotsalove Kieren xx

abigail79 said...

love the painting. are you giving the one of max to sandra?

billie said...

Yes abigail l gave it to her ,and they put it in the front of the church at his memorial service ,it felt like he was right there ,l was pleased with it and it helped me with the process of grieving him .Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie,

Just to say still loving your work!!