Wednesday, 5 August 2009

l did landscape

yes l realy did ,l went to dartmoor arts and spent a week painting in the landscape ,which is code for painting in the rain !! and wind !! and mist . But it was both a chalenge and rewarding and l felt as if l made some headway wirh what was to me a no go area . Tell me what you think !


chook said...

They look a lot warmer than painting in the wind and rain!! You must have your own sun shining inside. I like them but keep looking for a nude. xxxx

abigail said...

love them! would love one on our wall!!!

Sophie said...

Love the bottom one particularly, definitly has your style coming through...strange likeness to your nudes..i like that..well done.

Anonymous said...

Hello Billie,
Found your page while visiting Chooks.
Love your work, it's really vibrant and Passionate!
I have a big space on one of my walls that would look so much nicer with one of your paintings on.
I will be sure to return to see more of your work!

Take care

Dimitris Tsouris said...

Landscapes indeed - I can see where your going with these. 'Landfig', slowly the landscapes will merge into the reclining figure studies, a pleasant blend of the land forming the outline of the figures. A bit like fine wine and a cigar or a great meal with pleasant company or a very hot night and .........

billie said...

Hi there Tbone of course all my paintings are up for sale if you realy want to "fill that gap" l ve left a comment on your blog relating to the What is art ,on going debate,it s quite a chalenge to have to articulate just what you DO think about such an enormous subject B

Anonymous said...

Hello Billie,

Thanks for your comment.
I know what you mean about articulating how you feel etc, but I think we should leave that one to the critics and the rest of us can just get on with creating whatever art we feel like creating!
I was only commenting on a debate I saw that made me laugh more than anything else.

I think it was Frank Zappa who said he never trusted anyone whose only connection to art/music was to talk about it!

Take care

Livi said...

Wow your paintings are amazing they are sooo cool and you would never guess you painted it in the rain and mist! xPlease leave a comment on my blog!:) x

Livi said...
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